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To trim or not to trim is the question. A lot of people shy away or are afraid to trim their hair because the thought of it not growing back. Well!! STOP there, to trim is the best thing you could do to and for your hair in order to enable it to exceed its potential.

Always remember, if you do not have healthy ends the rest of your hair will not survive or stand a chance. 9 times out of 10 cutting off a few inches (sometimes that's all it takes) will reduce tangling, avoid frizz and encourages your hair to grow in a healthy manner.

At BBAN we dont generalise the time scale of when clients should have a trim, why? because we are all individuals with different hair routines and each one of our hairs grow differently and at different paste, so we like to assess our clients hair needs under individual assessments.

So... when do you know you need a trim? It is easy to tell when your hair is dying for some TLC trim. one of most common ways to know is when you're having a wash day and you notice your hair is shedding more than usual and most importantly when you are combing, brushing or blow drying your hair you notice the ends are really difficult to get pass and when you do, get through the ends you notice hair on the attachment. These are ways that your hair is crying out for help.

Our trim service will get rid of damaged hair and split ends leaving your hair happy and healthy causing your hair to break less and retain length that gives your hair the healthy polished salon look. When trimming we will begin with a brief de-tangling process, the stylist will section and comb through your hair so it is clearer to identify damaged hair and avoid unnecessary cutting. Depending on your hair type the stylist will decide between a dry or wet trim.

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