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The day has come to finally undo your hair! Fear not, we have 3 easy steps to guide you when taking out your hair, your friends hair, your child's hair or even your next door neighbours hair. Be prepared, have patience and time available for a long journey or a very quick one depending on the style in hand. Now we're not saying that to scare you but we must gear you up for the journey especially when dealing with children and those with thick, volumized afro or mixed hair - care and time needs to be taken.

Step 1:

Apply conditioner all over the hair, a generous amount is recommended the more conditioner the better (especially natural hair with volume). We advise you get a cheap conditioner for this process as more efficient, there is no telling how much you may need to cover a full head with. This will make the undoing process easier.

- Braids With Extensions - We advise you to undo one braid to see the length of your hair and once you are comfortable with the length of your natural hair, cut the excess extension. Its is also safe to cut the extensions just before the knot, that way you're guaranteed to not make a mistake.

Step 2:

Remove each braid or cornrow individually one at a time and apply more conditioner once removed. Comb through the hair starting from the ends working your way up to the roots. Make sure you are doing this one after the other. This process is much easier than leaving the combing process until the end when all the hair is loose.

- You will notice some hair loss**, please do not be alarmed as this is normal. Naturally our hair shreds on a day to day basis (this is evidence whilst brushing, washing, styling).... Whist your hair is in a protective hairstyle it will still shred but will have no escape so this is locked up within your hair style. When you undo your hair weeks later, it is natural and normal to have some hair loss**

- Tip: Section out pieces of your hair

Step 3:

Once all your hair is out use a wide teeth comb to detect any knots or areas that need to be tangle free or that you need to go over.

Howeverrrrr... if you don't fancy the hassle or have the time you can book in for a removal, wash and blowdry service

or as an additional service at our salon here.


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