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Rose Gray

Thank you also for your response. It is under a different name so again it is a great shame that you have found yourself here to further extend your complaint. As an independent small Black owned business it is very disappointing to see the extent you have gone to with false information in an attempt to intimidate us & tarnish our reputation. Due to this we must address each point accordingly.


1. You are correct you complained of tightness on site to which our weaves and wigs specialist adjusted several times to satisfaction including redoing the first two tracks and removing so much of the band up until there was hardly any of the band left on the closure. We have both videos and pictures to evidence this. We knew from your behavior this was something that had to be done for justification. The lace closure was actually glued on as a method that is widely common and practiced when completing a lace closure install.This was explained to you in depth as we did not expect you to be knowledgeable to this information so to advise you again, this is the method used and how a lace closure is completed. You were completely understanding & fine with this as well as very happy with how the lace melted on your skin once this was applied.


2. Our stylist did not work the next day due to your behavior. It may be that you did not go over this properly so just to clarify for you no one, especially our staff, should feel this way as she/ we all treated you with care and respect on both days regardless of how problematic you were. Aja attended to you several times which was witnessed by other clients and staff members, in which you were blowing kisses and seemed very receptive to the information and treatment you were receiving so to say that we were ‘rude’ to you is an absolute lie and our CCTV cameras can vouch for this.


3. We are highly offended by your continual cultural appropriation & do not accept your explanation. CCTV footage has been reviewed and upon your return taking out your weave a statement was made by management ‘Your hair texture is of Caucasian type which you are and so we were cautious when cornrowing your hair’ explaining why your hair needed to come out following your report of pain. You did not oppose this statement & was silent so no agreement there on being ‘non Caucasian’. We will not comment on your appearance as this would be completely unprofessional but you played on this a lot. On your appointment day you kept stating you are beige, which we are unsure what ‘race’ that comes under. We do not wish to see your birth certificate but do hope that you are able to accept your truth.


4. Unfortunately we are not able to provide the names of the salons because you are the one who complained to us about them. The first salon was mentioned to Aja (note, you said that you saw the stylist's hair and walked out), the second 2 salons you mentioned to your stylist in great depth. You did not mention the names or locations of these salons and we didn't ask specific details, because we don't encourage that kind of ‘chat’. We are only able to let you know CCTV reviewed statements you have made.


5. All the timings you have reported are true & you were advised of a call back in the day which you did not give the opportunity to happen hence you being told to come back at 5.30pm when you turned up at 3.30pm and subsequently waiting in the salon (so we did not lie about calling you back, we had to simply figure out how to rearrange the clients pre booked in the day to get you in, you did not give us this opportunity hence why you had to wait longer than the exact time given to you) and it would be very silly and unnecessary of us to lie to you about calling you back, we had no reason to do so. Please note we are especially in prime season & are almost all year round fully booked. You were always going to be attended to that very day due to the ‘severity of pain’ you reported but we had to honor existing services while trying to make time for yourself even if after hours. During this time you continually harassed us & were extremely rude only for you to attend with no signs of discomfort or pain, no redness bumps or bruises were visible so we were genuinely confused. We had clients already seated for services they had pre-booked so could not make you priority before them so naturally you would have had to wait longer to be seen. It was then later brought to our attention by yourself when sharing with us that your Partner/Husband saw your hair & thought it was hideous but you ultimately liked the texture and color. This made sense as it seemed to be a civil matter brought onto us, we silently understood but are now forced to reveal following your review. When you were approached by management just before taking your hair out, the weave closure method was explained again to you. You had your hands in your face and you initially REFUSED to remove your hair & asked us to just loosen it. It was management that made the executive decision to force your weave out and stated ‘I’ll leave you for 5 mins to take this in’ while you stepped out to speak on the phone. You returned & threw your bag as though about to have a tantrum & then sat down to allow our stylist to remove your hair. This was not by your choice or from the pain you described but an instruction from management. We must stress that you eventually did NOT want to take your weave out but due to your behavior & what you described  we were not willing to take the risk of being liable should your hair have stayed in.


6. When taking out your weave we explained possible future options I.e a weave leave out & advised the bundles you bought was good hair so could be reused. Despite your behavior we were continuously professional and nice which you were receptive to although not happy it was coming out. An apology of your reported pain was given on the phone & when you came to remove it so please revisit this untrue statement. You did not receive a refund as a full service was provided (which you initially left the salon happy with) - we as a goodwill gesture removed your hair for free, & yes there should have been a charge for this. Please note again, no bruises, redness, irritation or bumps were identified. Putting professionalism aside please understand that if we were as you described we would have no business or the amazing and loyal clients existing and new attending. Each & every one of our clients are treated with the utmost respect and due diligence but we will not tolerate any form of harassment, bullying or false narratives that may have an affect on our staff or Salon.


We must end off by thanking you as we have learnt a great deal and have already implemented certain procedures should we come across someone like yourself again. It is heartbreaking to see such reports and truly wish you well in future as it is a lot of effort to do such. We will no longer be responding to your claims and if we do receive further harassment it will be reported and dealt with accordingly. 

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