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It's summertime and one thing we all know is that summer brings out the best in us. Not only are we happier because the sun's out, well...when it decides to come out. Nonetheless with holidays, staycations, festivals, concerts, birthdays and so much more going on in the summer your hair is the one thing you want to spend the least time on.

Sometimes the simplest hairstyles goes a long way. simple and low maintenance, is the way you want to go when looking for a quick fix reliable hairstyle. One thing we know is that you cannot go wrong with 2 cornrows (aka dutch braids), stitch cornrows or even a braided ponytail. The most exciting thing about these styles is that you can go all the way loud with it or suttle when it comes to color. If you ask us we would say go crazyyyyyyyyyyy with your color choice... I mean, why not. With a touch of accessories, edges slayed finished with curly or straight ends you will be the centre of attention. So waste no time and book in your summer looks with us!


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