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Box Braids .png

Box Braids have been around for centuries and have remained popular over the years. They are easy to style and customise. Colour, size, extensions, lengths, you name it — there’s a way to do it with box braids. You can even include accessories to personalise them more. 

Be sure to book all services required. If you would like us to undo your hair before redoing it please book this as an additional service, so that applicable time is allocated 

A wash, condition and blowdry service is also available but must be pre-booked as an additional service. This service is usually £25 but reduced to £15 when booked with an additional one.

 The braiding process can be difficult when oils or product is applied to your hair prior to your appointment, so we advise you do not apply any products to your hair before your service. We are happy to apply any preferred or personal remedies during the braiding process.

Please note there will be an additional charge from £10 for detangling knots or matted hair.


Please expect 4 hours minimum for this service as timing may vary depending on the length and volume of your natural hair. In some cases, this style may take longer or less than the time advised - (long story short, save the whole day). 

We have Xpression hair available to purchase at the salon for £3.99 a pack. We are currently stocking ALL base natural colors and also have some exciting ombre colors and pastel colors for our color bunnies!

Please see our info and booking policy page for before booking for further information!

Box Braids

Why choose Box Braids? Well for one, Box Braids are used to protect your natural hair from heat and water damage giving you the upmost versatility in styling (and it's fun). You can have your hair in Box Braids between 4-6 weeks and sometimes even up to 8 weeks, its all down to how well you look after them. Finally Box Braids are the ultimate protective 'get up and go' hair style with very low maintenance.


This is THE original braiding style and the name comes from the “box” or square-shaped partings created for each braid, although there are many other parting variations and options. 


Caucasian Box Braids

As box braids are a protective hairstlye it works for and is inclusive of all hair types. 

Ranging between Type 1 and Type 2 hair, this texture is a lot finer and a little challenging to not only braid but maintain however still very much achievable. 

The same method is used to apply braiding hair onto your natural hair however the timeframe in which this can be kept in should be closely monitored to ensure that it is not kept in longer than it should be to avoid any breakage. 

Kill your curiosity and give it a go!

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-23 at 2.15.35 PM.jpeg

Bob Box Braids 

Bob Box Braids are perfect for many reasons. Whether it is work restrictions or wanting to trial a shorter look, it is angled to imitate a  bob style that curls under your chin, just like the classic we know as a bob. It is a flattering style for just about anyone because it frames the face so beautifully and its simply timeless. 


Jumbo Box  Braids

If you love the idea of Box Braids but dread to sit for hours, then why not try our Jumbo Braids. These braids are quick, efficient and completely flawless they take less than half the time to do Box Braids but looks just as good. 

Why choose Jumbo Box Braids? Well for one, Jumbo Box Braids, are used to protect your natural hair from heat and water damage giving you the utmost versatility in styling (and fun). You can have your hair in Jumbo Braids for up to 4 weeks and in some cases longer, its all down to how well you look after them.


Finally Jumbo Box Braids are the ultimate protective 'get up and go' hair style with very low maintenance, so all you need to do is make sure those edges/baby hairs are slayed daily! 


Triangle Parting Box Braids

We love to see when clients want to change a little something about their Box Braids and having them in the form of Triangle partings is that perfect touch! 

You'll have heads turning to see how this was achieved as it is striking and visually appealing to the eyes. 

Why not go ahead and make it that bit more interesting!

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-28 at 4.31.22 PM.jpeg
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