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Here you will find details and information on all the services we provide. Please read all the information based on the service you are interested in as there will be important information that you will need to know in order to prepare yourself for your booking. 

Important Information


Please note when when making a booking, BBAN will assign you to a stylist suited to the service you have booked.


We advise you save our booking confirmation number 0758 8722 635 Automated texts will be sent from this number for deposit payments and booking reminders/confirmations or updates- this is a service provided by our booking system provider.


Please ONLY reply to messages with a 'Y' to confirm your appointment when prompt.

Please note any other messages will not be responded to or seen other than the 'Y' confirmation. For queries, questions, confirmations or cancellations - please contact the salon directly for any further enquiries. 


To CANCEL your appointment we require you to CALL the salon DIRECTLY on 02380 234 739.

We kindly ask clients to contact us directly to cancel or reschedule appointments in order to allow us to rearrange the day accordingly and to accommodate other clients. This will need to be at least 48 hours before your booking in order keep your deposit. In some cases you can cancel your appointment yourself by logging in to the online booking system.


Do not apply any oil or lotion to your hair before your appointment.

 Applying oils or lotion on your hair can make your hair slippery and difficult for the stylist to work on. We are happy to apply our products during the process or/and once your hair is complete, (you are also welcome to bring along your own products for us to use). Please note an extra charge may be applicable if hair has been oiled. 


If you have not pre booked a wash service, please ensure your hair is washed and ready for your stylist. 

We will always blowdry your hair before your service. Please note if your hair is not clean and tangle free an extra charge will be applied or in some cases appointment rescheduled. 


We can only allow one parent or carer to accompany a child(ren) during their service.

We advise clients to refrain from bringing along any friends and family to appointments, whilst we love to have the company the salon can not accommodate extra bodies so additional guests will be turned away.


How long will it take to do my hair?

We generally ask clients to free their day when coming in for a service as Afro/Caribbean hair types come in different variations of length, texture and volume so this can make predicting time difficult. Our average time for braids can be anything from 3hrs to 10hrs, this depends to on the type of braids as well as the length and size of the braids. We also put into consideration any delays at the salon. For men's hair this can usually take 1 to 3 hours. Children's hair can vary depending on the child's patience. Other services can take anything from <1 - 4 hours.


For all services that require extensions, you are advised to bring 3 packs of Pre-Stretched Xpression Hair, this does NOT apply to

'Mens Services' unless advised otherwise

Please contact us directly should you require assistance or more information. 


How do I wash my hair when it is in Braids or a weave?

It is not necessary to wash your hair whilst in either styles however if you do wish to, this should not be frequent and done in a light downwards motion. A leave in/dry shampoo can be used.


How long can I keep my braids in for?

If it is your first time having braids in, this can be kept in for up to and no longer than 4 weeks. If you are a regular braid wearer, this can be kept in for up to and no longer than 6-8 weeks. 


My hair is curly and knots quite quickly, how do I manage this?

Conditioners are your best friend! To help manage, comb through or style your hair - apply a generous amount of conditioner to loosen your curls. You can then go through this with a wide tooth comb in small sections and then begin to wash or style. 


How do I remove my braids?

Look to see through the braid where your hair stops and cut directly underneth. You may need an extra pair of eyes for areas you cannot see. Take out your braids one by one and as you do this, apply conditioner and comb through each individual hair, the conditioner applied will break down any build up and will have you to wash your hair with no tangles. For more tips check out our blog here - HELP??.. HOW DO I UNDO MY HAIR?! 


Is it safe to straighten hair?

Yes so long as you use a heat protector. Please note long term use of this can lead to hair damage and a change in your hair texture


My hair is really hard to manage, can I relax it?

We do appreciate that our hair can be difficult to manage and you should look to as the first stage undergo hair treatments to soften and help control or manage your hair. As the last resort however, you can look to relaxing. It will need to be professionally done as chemicals are involved that will need to be patch tested. 


How often should trim my hair?

If you notice when washing your hair there is breakage or when it starts becoming difficult to comb through your hair towards the end of it - it is time for a trim!

For more tips check out our blog here - TO TRIM OR NOT TO TRIM?

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