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Crochet braids are an admired braiding style typically for how simple it is to maintain... and a bonus is that it takes only a fraction of the time it would take for traditional braids.


Ideal? We think so!

Be sure to book all services required. If you would like us to undo your hair before redoing it please book this as an additional service, so that applicable time is allocated 

A wash, condition and blowdry service is also available but must be pre-booked as an additional service this service is usually £25 but reduced to £15 when booked as an addition

 The braiding process can be difficult when oils or product is applied to your hair prior to your appointment, so we advise you do not apply any products to your hair before your service. We are happy to apply any preferred or personal remedies during the braiding process.

Please note there will be an additional charge from £10 for detangling knots or matted hair.


Please expect 4 hours minimum for this service as timing may vary depending on the length and volume of your natural hair. In some cases, this style may take longer or less than the time advised - (long story short, save the whole day). 

Please see our info and booking policy page before booking for further information!

Crochet Methods 

Crochet braids has its many benefits and one in particular is in the range you can choose from to have them done by the below methods:

Method 1. Cornrows

Your stylist will cornrow your hair structured to the parting you desire (middle or side), hook on your choice of braiding (plats, twists or curly strands) and secure it with a knot in the cornrows.  

Method 2. Individuals

Your stylist will section your hair into individual braids and then blend it in with crochet hair extensions by inserting your natural hair braid within the crotchet braid and pulling this through. 

This method gives you styling versatility and flexibility!

Method 3. Manual 

Mainly for faux locs crotchet, your stylist will section your hair into individual braids and then wrap the extensions around to the size and length your desire also giving you complete flexibility and styling. 


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