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The new sensational braids. The attraction is in the name, GODDESS!! These braids are the ultimate style that will have you feeling and looking like the goddess of all goddesses. If you like traditional braids why not try this new sensation and play around with the length, size and color. 

Be sure to book all services required. If you would like us to undo your hair before redoing it please book this as an additional service.

A wash, condition and blowdry service is also available but must be pre-booked as an additional service.

No need to apply any products or oils on your child's hair before your appointment. We we will have that covered as well as a full blowdry before braiding. Please note applying any products could make the braiding process difficult for the stylist. as this can make the hair slippery and hard to grip.  We are happy to add oils and lotions during or after the braiding process. 

Please note there will be an additional charge from £10 for detangling knots or matted hair.

We can only allow ONE parent or carer to accompany a child during their service, Unfortunately we do not have space for extra bodies.  

There will be an extra charge for detangling matted hair.

We have Xpression hair available to purchase at the salon for £3.99 a pack. We are currently stocking ALL base natural colors and also have some exciting ombre colors and pastel colors for our color bunnies!

Please see our info and booking policy page for before booking for further information!

Goddess Knotless Braids

Goddess Knotless Box Braids are  a more modernised version. Our stylist will use your own hair to start the braid and gradually feed in the braiding hair followed by the curly hair strands as they move along. This version leaves you with a lighter and flatter finish but still having you looking and feeling like a Goddess. 

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Virgin Human Hair
Synthetic Hair

There are options when it comes to deciding what curls you'd like to go for when having Goddess Braids are installed. We've made this simpler to make a choice by outlining how you can benefit from each and the differences. Both Synthetic and human hair are provided by BBAN and included in the price.

Virgin Human Hair 

  • Flexible for styling 

  • Water friendly

  • Lasts the entirety of the hair duration (full 6-8 weeks wear)

  • Tangle free

  • Semi reusable  

Synthetic Hair

  • Simply snip off 2-3 weeks into style to avoid matting allowing the box braids to still be worn for the rest of the duration. 

  • Cheaper and cheerful 

  • Partially flexible for styling

  • A little mouse required 1 - 2 times a week to refresh the curls

curly human hair bundle_edited.jpg

Goddess Box Braids

Goddess Box Braids are your traditional box braids with added curly strands giving you the ultimate Goddess look. This style creates volume and body, giving a wave like effect to your braids imitating the infamous greek Goddesses. 

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Jumbo Goddess Braids

Can be Knotless or Traditional Box Braids - choose your pick. 

If you love the idea of having Knotless Box Braids but dread to sit for hours, then why not try our Jumbo Goddess Knotless Braids. Quick, efficient and completely flawless but more importantly take less than half the time to do!​

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